We have established a reliable trading signal platform

Subscribe to trading signals, and then follow our market strategy signals to make transactions, you don't need to be exhausted every day to analyze the market.

We provide 3 levels of trading signals, 2H, 4H, and 24H, which you can buy on demand. We support ETH/LTC/OKB/HT/TRX/MOW(trc20)/MDX payment service fees.

We also provide entrusted services for signal follow

We currently provide OKEX V3's signal follow-up commission service simultaneously. You only need to provide the API with corresponding permissions to use our commission service.

Our entrusted service is at the same priority as the signal, allowing you to follow the transaction to place an order as soon as the signal is sent, eliminating the dilemma of finding your mobile phone to place an order in the middle of the night.

Signal characteristics

The team has integrated a variety of strategies in the financial market, and has tracked multiple corrections for many years to ensure the profitability of the signal.

Instant exchange

The cryptocurrency market is changing, and opportunities are fleeting. Our signal uses second-level calculations to ensure that every opportunity is not missed.

Capital profit

We adopt a trend-following strategy, which changes with market changes. Let you not miss any big-level trend. (Note: Historical data is for reference only and does not represent the future.)

Safe and secure

You can rest assured of the safety of your funds. The entrusted trading services we provide only require trading permissions, and your assets are stored on the exchange. To order signals, we only provide signal direction information through emails & messages & SMS.

Platinum Service

This service provides signal subscription for spot 24H (daily line) level.

The service fee is 10 USDT or equivalent LTC/OKB/HT/TRX/MOW(trc20)/MDX

Golden service

This service provides signal subscription for spot 4H level.

The service fee is 15 USDT or equivalent LTC/OKB/HT/TRX/MOW(trc20)/MDX

Diamond Service

This service provides signal subscription for spot 2H level.

The service fee is 25 USDT or equivalent LTC/OKB/HT/TRX/MOW(trc20)/MDX


The team has experienced various tests in the financial market, and has repeatedly revised strategic signals to ensure profitability.



Mitchell Jean frequently trades manually in the cryptocurrency trading market every day. After more than three months, he decided to perfect the trading system and make a strategy.


Feasibility study

Mitchell Joan met Selena Gome at a party, and the two had a good time at first sight. Mitchell boldly stated his idea of constructing programmatic trading, and Selena helped him analyze it and found it feasible.



After Mitchell and Selena completed the initial programming, they found professional investment Joan. After Mitchell and Joan discussed the various details of programmatic trading in detail, they entrusted Robert to help design the UI.


Profit level

Bitcoin's 24H strategy has a net profit of 368.63% from 2018/1/03 to 2019/3/13. The maximum backtest during the period is 20%


Profit level

The net profit of Bitcoin 2H strategy from 2019/1/03 to 2020 3/13 is 577.36%, and the maximum backtest during the period is 4.92%


Profit level

Bitcoin 4H strategy from 2020/1/03 to 2021 3/13 net profit is 830.53%, the maximum backtest 6.75% during the period

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team member

The team has experienced various tests in the financial market and has a full enthusiasm for the market.

Micheal Jhon

Chief Executive Officer

Jhon Abraham

Chief investor

Robert Thomson

UI designer

Selina Gomej

Senior developer

What cryptocurrencies can I use to pay?

We support ETH/LTC/OKB/HT/TRX/MOW(trc20)/MDX payment service fees

Stay tuned, we will support more cryptocurrency payments.

Follow the prompts of strategic signals, and you manually trade (buy & sell) related cryptocurrencies on the exchange

You can also use our commission service, and our strategy robot will help you automate trading.

We tracked the strategic signals for several years and found that it would be better to use platinum services for spot goods.

Futures & Contracts & Leveraged users will be better off using gold service or diamond service.

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